Building a new future

Colby Forbush wanted to be an architect. But when he became a father, school suddenly became more difficult. Traditional school was already a challenge, but when he added a family and a job to the mix, Colby felt like he’d never get the education he needed.


Colby began his drafting career at Oldcastle Precast in Ogden, then moved to a structural engineering firm in Bountiful. While he was working, he tried out several colleges. Colby wanted to learn industry software, but obstacles kept getting in the way. Other colleges asked him to take classes that weren’t relevant to his career and didn’t interest him. He wasn’t getting the skills he needed at work, either – his workplace didn’t want to buy 3-D software, but Colby knew that was the direction the industry was heading.


Enter DATC. Colby knew right away he’d do well with the self-paced learning style. “When I’m interested in something, I love to dive into it myself,” he says. “I was able to dive in and ask questions I probably wouldn’t have thought of at other colleges.”

While at DATC, Colby found a new job working at Symphony Homes, a former client at the firm he’d been working at before. He thought his job search was over.


Then, five months into his new job, a family friend who worked in the architecture department of the LDS Church told Colby’s dad that another employee was retiring and suggested Colby come in for an interview. The informal interview turned into an offer for $15,000 more than Colby had been making at his other job.


The new position will make use of Colby’s 3-D software skills. He’ll transfer 2-D drawings into 3-D renderings and verify outside architects’ specifications. “I’m now given an opportunity to do what I love, in an environment where I can grow, I can expand my skills, I can become a better person both personally and professionally,” Colby says.


He’s grateful for the new skills he’s gained at DATC and looks forward to putting them into practice. One day, he hopes to become a licensed architect. In the meantime, Colby is excited for what his new job will bring.


“I’d say that the DATC is by far, for those of us that are practical and those of us that are hands-on, the best experience. It’s one of the best ways to learn and to grow.”