Haitian school children carry their education on their backs

After their schools and supplies were destroyed by a 2010 earthquake, many children in Haiti had no place to study. But last December, several dozen Haitian children received cinch bags donated by Davis Applied Technology College. The DATC bags held supplies such as pencils, notebooks and erasers, donated by the Clermont Care Center Foundation.


Clermont Care Center Foundation founder Carmel Clermont and her husband Jude Colas travel to their native Haiti several times each year, bringing school supplies and clothing to students at a local orphanage. After the earthquake, Clermont visited the school she founded, Clermont Academy, to find it in ruins. The children were unable to return to school. Not only that, but within days, four new children arrived at the orphanage. The Foundation had plenty of work to do.


“The DATC bags were so helpful for our students,” Clermont says. “Now they have a way to carry their school supplies.” The bags are only the beginning. Clermont believes that helping these children is her calling. “We each have our mission in life,” she says.


This year, the Clermont Care Center Foundation plans to rebuild Clermont Academy. It will host a fundraiser at 6 p.m. on February 11, 2017 at Clinton City Recreation. The foundation already has a teacher for the school. DATC challenges the Davis County community to provide these children a place where they can put their new materials to use. For more information about the fundraiser, Clermont Academy, or the Clermont Care Center Foundation, call 801-682-9391.


“We are grateful that we could help these students in a simple but meaningful way,” says Melanie Hall, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at DATC. “When disaster hits a community, even the simple things we take for granted become important.”