DATC receives Obstetrics Health Professions Grant

Davis Applied Technology College recently received a DATC Obstectrics Health Professions Grant from Carl Perkins of Special Project Funding. The grant, in the amount of $40,840, will provide funds for the purchase a SimMom mannequin. The SimMom will train students to care for mothers through pregnancy and childbirth.

 Leslie Mock, Director of Nursing and Health Professions, says, “Our students are required to know certain content concerning OB conditions and interventions that are needed for proper care of laboring or delivering moms and babies.  The SimMom will enable us to utilize a simulation experience for the students that will fill our need to provide this content. “

 The mannequin will be used by the Nurse Assistant, Medical Assistant, and Practical Nurse programs. Its advanced, full-body birthing simulator will improve training in obstetrics, including maternal and pre-, post-, and neo-natal care.

 The mannequin can be programmed with several different scenarios to help students recognize emergency situations, make good decisions, and communicate problems to other team members. Some of these scenarios include normal birth, birth complications, emergency incidents, and postpartum complications. The SimMom will be adopted into the curriculum so that students can be trained in a wide variety of birth outcomes.