Veterans choosing technical college

Serving in the military is not easy, and when soldiers return home, they face a completely different set of challenges. Deciding on a career is one of those challenges, especially when military service has changed a veteran's goals.

That's why many veterans choose technical colleges. Technical colleges provide training to get them to work quickly, a path makes a lot of sense for many veterans returning from combat.  Whereas four-year institutions focus on broad thinking skills, technical colleges emphasize a more practical approach that gets them prepared for work quickly.

After their years of field work, many veterans find the prospect of a desk job unappealing. Some are searching for new ways to make a positive impact and serve their communities. The hands-on work technical colleges train students to perform is exactly what many veterans are looking for.

Jeff Miller, a DATC Motor Sports student and Automotive program graduate, agrees. "When I was coming back from the military, I knew that I wanted to get some form of education, but I didn’t know if I wanted to go and do all the extra-curricular stuff that the main colleges will require you to do," he says. "I wanted to get straight into it, and so I looked around at technical colleges in the area, and DATC happened to pop up, and I was able to get online and navigate through everything, and it was really good."

As Jeff finishes his classes, he's already working at Young Automotive Group in Logan. He appreciates how quickly he was able to find work and the support he received at DATC. As a two-time Afghanistan veteran, he knows how important it is to have people behind you that you can trust.

Jeff credits Veterans Advisor Dan Czech for making sure he knew what programs and options were available to him and his instructors for helping him through academic challenges. "[The instructors] bend over backward to make sure that you complete your program, and that you understand what’s going on," Jeff says.

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