GenDIY Profile: Career Path High School

It's the first Monday of the month and at Career Path High (CPH) in Kaysville, UT, that means it's Student Career Series day. This month's career exploration finds the students visiting the Plumbing Program where, after receiving an overview of the program's required coursework, training, job outlook, and potential earning power, students experience a hands-on demonstration by the department's lead instructor. Today they learned that the average starting salary for a trained plumber ranges from $12.00 to $31.01/hr.

Career exploration at CPH is designed to be meaningful. The Career Series is just one of the many methods we employ to provide our students with the information they need to make the best decision about which career and technical program to pursue. The Series highlights the different Davis Applied Technology College (DATC) Programs through mini workshops that include hands-on activities. Students learn about the skills being taught in the program as well as potential career opportunities. Ninth and Tenth graders are strongly encouraged to attend to assist them with their future selection of a program. Eleventh and Twelfth graders are full-time college students enrolled in a program while simultaneously completing high school.

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