Boeing and DATC partner for Advanced Composite Training

KAYSVILLE, UT – On September 2013, representatives from The Boeing Company Seattle and South Carolina divisions explored various training options throughout Utah to select an external training site for their Composite Training.  

Their goal was to incorporate a consistent training between the Applied Technology Colleges and Community Technical Colleges here in Utah, much like they are in Seattle and South Carolina.  

A team of Human Resource Representatives, Plant Managers, Quality Leaders, Learning Training/Development and Employee Development Leaders selected Davis Applied Technology College (DATC) to be their external training site in October 2013. 

Some of the major reasons for this selection were the instructor, equipment and facilities. Davis Sligar, Composite Materials Technology Instructor, has more than 30 years of composite fabrication experience at McClellan Air Force Base in California and Hill Air Force Base in Utah manufacturing the F-117 Stealth, 3806 WG-10 step 5 metal bonded/advanced composites and inspecting 4352 WG-11 step 5 plastic. Dave has an Associate Degree in Industrial Welding, PAC certification in Advanced Composite/Metal bonded Structures and E & I inspector training. The DATC lab is a 11,650 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art facility complete with autoclaves, spindle winders, vacuum-bag fabrication, PrePreg stations, Gerber cutting table, composite repair shop and injection molding.

Boeing representatives met with Ann Mackin, VP of Instruction, Ginger Chinn, Employer & Continuing Education Director, and Janette Smith, Private Training Manager, from the DATC for a half-day session, outlining the vision and objectives to be met. The final decision included the following six courses featured in the DATC Composite Materials Technology Program:

  • COMP 1010 Basic Composites
  • COMP 1050 Mold Preparation & Tooling
  • COMP 1150 Non Vacuum & Vacuum Bag Fabrication
  • COMP 1210 PrePreg Material Laminations
  • COMP 1600 Part Finish
  • COMP 2000 Alternative Composite Processes


Boeing selected nine employees to participate in the first wave of Advanced Composite training at DATC. The employees included: Craig Anderson, Robert Dennis, Kyle Geare, Jeffrey Holmes, Bianca Moran, Bethanny Rice, Rick Taylor, Anton Troshchenovskyy and Roger Walters.

The composite training was held eight hours per day for five days a week. Dave Sligar states, “This program featured numerous hands-on training, classroom lectures, self-paced bookwork and 3D printing of a A-10 Warthog aircraft.” 

Upon completion of the composite training, Davis Applied Technology College instructor and employees presented all 10 Boeing graduates with a certificate of recognition. This was followed by remarks from Boeing Staff: Steve Crews, Plant Manager, Curt Sovereen, Quality Lead, Tammy Eva, Human Resource and Mike Grant, Composite Instructor/Training.