New DATC training center focuses on industrial jobs!

KAYSVILLE-Employees of the various oil refineries in south Davis can now get refresher, safety-related or other training at a new facility that was officially unveiled Oct. 30.

The Davis Applied Technology College’s mammoth Freeport West Extension Center is set up to offer petroleum industry training, among a variety of offerings.

“This allows us to create more industrial-based, technical training,” said Michael Bouwhuis, college president.

Half of a previously vacant building at Freeport West was modified to meet training needs of nearby companies, as well as the oil refineries, he said.

Freeport West is an industrial/manufacturing and warehousing center in the Clearfield/Syracuse area. It is independent of, but adjoins the bigger Freeport Center.

Thousands of employees are employed at the two facilities. They’re like huge industrial parks, housing individual companies, large and small, throughout.

Those firms include such national brands as Kellog and ATK, and local powerhouses Futura Industries and Lifetime Products.

Courses offered in the building were selected based on input from plant managers at Freeport and Freeport West, Bouwhuis said.

Based on that, training is offered in forklift, OSHA and industrial training automation, he said.

Industrial automation training includes instruction in how to hook up electrical equipment, wiring, motors, programmable logic controllers and computers, Bouwhuis explained.

Training offered goes beyond that, even to that needed by those who package the dairy products you might buy from Smith’s Food & Drug, he said.

The Smith’s Dairy plant in Layton is nearby, and employs several hundred.

The new DATC building is about the size of four Bountiful City Halls.

One-third of the space will be developed later, Bouwhuis said.

This high-ceilinged building allows for “high-bay training” to be offered by DATC, he said.

Forklifts and other equipment training requires bigger spaces that a traditional classroom setting allows, Bouwhuis said.

“We’ve had a presence out there (at Freeport, Freeport West) since 1994,” he said.

But instruction had to be classroom-based. Now the additional hands-on, using real equipment needed on a job, is available, Bouwhuis said.

He recounted the history of Freeport and Freeport West.

The Freeport Center originally was the Clearfield Naval Supply Depot. It opened in 1942, as part of the U.S. defense machine buildup following Pearl Harbor and the nation’s entrance into World War II.

The depot was decommissioned in 1962.

More than 70 companies are housed at the Freeport Center, alone. The campus covers about eight million square feet, about 10 times the size of the self-contained Layton Hills Mall.

The center originally served primarily as a warehouse and distribution point to the Western U.S.

Remodeling cost included $2.1 million from state building funds. JRCA Architects designed the space and Landmark Construction was the general contractor.

New courses

Courses offered at the new Davis Applied Technology College Freeport West Extension Center included:

  • Fire Academy
  • Contactors Update
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • OSHA
  • Standardized Work for Leaders
  • Sustainable Enterprise Development
  • Workplace Organization Methodology
  • Internal Auditing
  • Oil/Petroleum-related
  • Dairy-related